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The pleasure and benefits of daily care for your skin with natural cosmetics containing plant oils, which combined with bee products - honey and bee pollen - create unique compositions.
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Nature always works in the simplest way

In a world where we are constantly running somewhere, counting down the time, while being surrounded by low quality, synthetic materials and disposable items, we increasingly need an escape from excess, noise and artificiality. We look for what is real and natural in our surroundings. We need our eyes to rest from overstimulation, our bodies from being constantly ready to act and our skin from the artificiality of fabrics and cosmetics. We so desperately need to dip our feet in the soft grass, breathe in the freshness of the forest, listen to the buzzing and chirping of the meadow, feel the wind on our skin and nourish our skin, body and mind with naturalness. All this is at hand where people live in harmony with nature, where they value being close to plants, bees and the wise use of the resources bees provide, respect for the seasons and care for ecology as a commitment for future generations.

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Customers opinion

Katarzyna Marut

BeeHerbs has been providing me with delicious honey for a long time. I have tested every kind and Linden Honey have stolen my heart. My children, on the other hand, love the Multifloral Honey. I will return to this store more than once with an order.

Daria Kowalska

Products from beeHerbs accompany me in my daily skincare routine. Since using honey moisturizing soap I see a significant improvement in the skin on my face, and bath salts once in a while make my evenings a lot more enjoyable after a hard day at work.

Natalia Wolan

I am glad that I found a store that offers real, Polish honey from an apiary. Before that, I had to buy products from the supermarket, which I did not fully trust. Honey from beeHerbs reminds me of the taste of my childhood when my parents' friends used to treat us with honey from their apiary.

Sabina Nowak

Beeherbs is an online shop for people with a passion for bees. It's hard to find a company that provides high-quality bee products. I mainly fell in love with the beeswax candles, at first I wasn't convinced, but I got over it. Pine scented candles are also an interesting products.

Wiktoria Biela

I really appreciate bee products because I know how much they contribute to our ecosystem. Additionally, they have many health benefits for everybody. Since using the face soap, the condition and appearance of my skin has improved significantly. And the honey will sweeten even the worst morning 🙂