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About beeHERBS

Gifts of nature at your fingertips

Dzisiejszy świat to miejsce, w którym każdy z nas gdzieś biegnie, odlicza czas i obcuje na co dzień z syntetycznymi surowcami, niską jakością i Today’s world is a place where everyone is running somewhere, counting down the time and dealing with synthetic materials, low quality and disposable items every day. So we increasingly need an escape from the excess of noise and artificiality. We look for what is real and natural in our surroundings. We need our eyes to be able to rest from overstimulation, our bodies from being in constantly ready to act and our skin from the artificiality of fabrics and cosmetics. We so desperately need to dip our feet in the soft grass, breathe in the freshness of the forest, listen to the buzzing and chirping of the meadow, feel the wind on our skin and nourish our skin, body and mind with naturalness. All this is at your fingertips where people live in harmony with nature, where they value being close to plants, bees and the wise use of the resources bees provide, respect for the seasons and care for ecology as a commitment for future generations.

Loving the beauty of nature

beeHERBS is a unique place where everyone can find products for body and soul. Everything we offer is nature in its purest form. Here we celebrate peace, health and being together. Human is respected here and treated as a Friend and Guest. So sit back, relax and we will tell you about what is important to us, about our place and how together we can enjoy life close to what is local, natural, ethical, healthy and real. We will tell you how our family beekeeping tradition and respect for nature led us to the moment we meet here.

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Natural and healthy

beeHERBS is part of Leśny Zakątek, a place created for people who appreciate nature and health. Bees, supportive people and constant search have led us to the point where, in addition to our regional hospitality of Nowy Sącz and promoting local flavors, we have created products that will nourish your body from the inside and on the outside. These products will also provide nourishment for the soul and mind, allowing you to take care of yourself, relax, rest and take care of the planet. The entire range of FOR THE BODY, FOR THE SOUL and FOR HEALTH products based on natural ingredients from plants, spices, herbs and flowers as well as bee products such as honey, bee pollen and royal jelly is our contribution to conscious care, health promotion, ecology and reducing carbon footprint. We have created products thanks to which everyday care and nutrition are not only a real pleasure but also a kind of tribute to Nature.

For proper functioning and full enjoyment of life, we need to take care of ourselves holistically. Our physical health, our mental health, our body, internal well-being and rest should be equally important to us. Keeping in mind Human as a whole, beeHERBS holistic offer was created.

Out of respect for bees

Fundamentem tworzenia naturalnych produktów w beeHERBS jest nie tylko The foundation for creating natural products at beeHERBS is not only sustainable beekeeping and proximity to nature, but also using the support of local herb and flower growers, as well as manufacturers of glass and natural plant fiber packaging, which we use to package our cosmetics, candles and bee products. By taking care of our local resources, searching for the best raw materials, supporting Polish agriculture, constantly seeking self-improvement and protecting the environment, we want to show that a return to nature is not just a catchy advertising slogan, but the best source and method of holistic care for ourselves and the world around us.

We pay great attention to the work of human hands. Our offer includes only “hand made” products – we manually prepare cosmetics for you, as well as candles and bags with herbs. We also support local folk artists and We pay great attention to the work of human hands. Our offer includes only “hand made” products – we manually prepare cosmetics for you, as well as candles and bags with herbs. We also support local folk artists and Occupational Therapy Workshops, where participants with disabilities create natural packaging for us. All glass packaging in which you buy our products, such as scrubs, bath salts or soy candles, can be returned to us and we will fill it with your favorite product again (this applies to personal delivery to beeHERBS headquarters or branch). Let’s all work together for the good of the Earth.

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Tradition and ecology

Since the very beginning of beeHERBS we have been faithful to the traditions of beekeeping and ecology, so we are proud to say that by purchasing our honey products you are supporting the honeybee population in Poland and taking care of nature and the crops that provide us with resources to create what is good for your body, soul and health.

Our team

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