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Uses of beeswax

We associate bees with pollinating flowers and tasty honey, which differs in taste depending on the place where these insects had their hives or entire apiaries. In addition, bees are able to produce wax, but you need to know that not all bees create it, only those that are between 12-18 days old. This wax is used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, for such things as ointments and plasters, as well as in cosmetics, for the production of creams, lip balms, pencils and lipsticks. Beeswax is particularly useful as an ingredient in candles.

Beeswax candle

In order to produce 1 kilogram of beeswax, a bee colony needs to use about 3.5 kilograms of honey, which is quite a large amount, but the product itself has very interesting properties.
Candles with beeswax do not produce smoke when burned, but they leave a beautiful and delicate scent of honey in the room. As the wax burns, negative ions are released, playing a very important role in air purification. Natural beeswax candles are able to alleviate the symptoms associated with lung diseases, allergies, asthma, and additionally they soothe a respiratory tract infections.

Additional benefits of beeswax candles

Natural beeswax candles…just as it was stated earlier, they have to be made of natural beeswax to have their positive effects, so it is always a good idea to analyze the label of the candles you want to purchase. Coming back to the benefits… such a wax is able to stabilize the blood pressure, as well as increase the overall physical capacity of the body. It helps with concentration as well as memory ability.
If you smoke tobacco in your apartment, room, or home in general, it is worth investing in this type of candle because it eliminates its smell. In addition, it eliminates the harmful effects of rays, emitted from the computer screen, cell phone, TV and other devices that have something to do with electricity. Beeswax candle also allows us to purify ourselves spiritually, causing a very pleasant effect of positive energy flowing through our body, and initiating a rush of endorphins. It has a calming effect on the nerves that often accompany us during the day, whether after returning from work or through various duties, it also helps to calm the emotions.

Beeswax candles