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Face soap in your daily skin care

The use of face soap in daily skin care is fundamental in keeping the epidermis healthy and fresh every day. Cleansing the face with soap improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It is a source of protection against the formation of mimic wrinkles, both shallow and deep, already at a young age. Moreover, thanks to its broad antiseptic properties, facial soap protects against the multiplication of microorganisms and fungi which directly affect the development of skin inflammation, hyperpigmentation and acne in adolescents and adults. Facial soap regulates proper pH of the skin, while moisturizing it and protecting against excessive sebum production.

Facial soap – who is it for?

Face soap can be used both by people with skin requiring special and delicate care and those who do not complain about skin problems. People who require skin treatment caused by acne lesions, with acne scars and suffering from other inflammatory conditions must be particularly careful with the selection of skin cleansing cosmetics, simply not to aggravate the condition even more. Face soap soothes existing inflammations, improves skin tone, reduces the visibility of scars and stimulate the skin to regenerate in the damaged area. Acne scars, when treated daily with face soap, will evenly lighten and shallow. Strong antibacterial agents contained in the soap limit the multiplication of bacteria responsible for the spread of inflammatory outbreaks.

Mature skin care

Face soap is also designed for the care of mature skin, exposed to the formation of facial wrinkles, shallow and deep. Cleansing the face is the basis in the fight against signs of aging, so minimizing the formation of wrinkles should be taken care of in daily skin cleansing with a good, natural soap. This is the first and basic step in the quest to keep your skin looking young. Such care will protect the skin from drying out, makes the epidermis firm so the skin will not become saggy and dull. Washing the skin with soap will regulate the proper retention of water in the epidermis, which is the basis in delaying aging, and will help in the fight against skin imperfections such as broken capillaries, dryness and adult acne .

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