About Women and for Women – an inspiring evening with Dorota Wellman

The extremely inspiring meeting of women on Friday evening, March 11, caused that each of us got wind in our wings in our everyday lives. Each of the women is different, with a different experience, Girl Boss, Mothers or those who are still looking for their own life and professional path – each of them gained something for themselves from the meeting in Leśny Zakątek. Being open to your needs, your potential, the will to change your life, taking advantage of opportunities and greater confidence in making decisions with courage and a clear look into the future – Dorota Wellman – journalist and producer, and Marta Klepka – the director of the Heron Live Hotel located on Lake Rożnowskie and the originator and organizer of the conference for women #byckobietaontour. In the story of being a modern woman, each of us found ourselves, many times laughing loudly, but also touching when another spoke about the simple fact of being close to another human being. The women’s talks were accompanied by the premiere of our natural beeHERBS cosmetics, created with great passion and love for nature. In the background of the stories about peelings, salts, soaps and oils, you could hear laughter and the questions “is this for me, does this need my skin, my senses?”. YES, this is what we need, dear ladies, – to pamper. All the women who showed up at our evening – inspiring, understanding and positively encouraging to act, encouraged us to be even more active and persistent in our work for you.