Shipping abroad

The Store, at the request of customers, sends goods abroad.
The delivery cost automatically calculated by the Store applies only to shipping within Poland. When making a purchase through the BeeHERBS Online Store, the option of shipping abroad is available according to the information included there.

The cost of shipping abroad is calculated after the package is packed based on its weight and size. In the case of shipping abroad, the cost is calculated automatically by the Store after selecting a particular shipping method and destination. In case of technical problems related to the choosing of shipment abroad, please contact us: by phone: +48696532071, by e-mail:

Bank details:

ING Bank Śląski
13 1050 1722 1000 0097 4461 7672

Account number IBAN: PL 59 1050 1722 1000 0097 5179 4844

Company details:
INSYGNIA Sławomir Bochenek
33-386 Podegrodzie 465
NIP: 7341677606

Delivery time
The delivery time of the goods depends on the method of delivery. Delivery time is considered to be the time from the moment our Store sends the parcel to the moment the addressee receives the parcel. The delivery time is not the same as the order processing time!
Delivery by courier service within Poland
For 90% of the shipments sent, the delivery time is 1 working day. That is, on the second working day after the day on which we sent the parcel you should expect the arrival of the courier. In the case of courier shipments, parcels are sent by DPD Poland, DHL and Poczta Kurier48h ( in this case, the delivery time is from 48h from the moment of sending).
Unfortunately, these 10% are cases when the courier company does not properly fulfill its obligations due to various reasons such as failure of the delivery vehicle, major traffic jams on the roads, severe weather conditions, accidents, oversights and human errors, as well as the absence of the addressee at the delivery address.
Therefore, it is worth checking the delivery status on the courier company’s website. By entering the shipment number provided by us, you can get more information about the shipment. Shipments can also be tracked on the websites of courier companies*. Additional information will provide a dispatcher at the courier company which you may contact by phone.
The choice of courier company is made when placing an order by selecting the preferred option.

InPost delivery – Parcel Locker / Paczkomat InPost
Declared delivery times for parcels are 1-2 business days from the date of shipment. Detailed information on delivery times is specified in the Rules and Regulations of each of InPost’s services, available on its website.
Order processing time
Order processing time / availability of goods
On the description page of each product in our Store, we include information about the estimated shipping time for an ordered product. It usually ranges from 24 hours to 7 days.
Shipping date
We specify the moment of shipment of an order based on our stock, expected deliveries, stock levels of our suppliers and also information received from distributors and manufacturers. Despite our best efforts to present reliable information on shipping dates, due to the multiplicity and variety of factors (inaccurate information, technical errors, logistical obstacles, etc.) that affect this information, it is possible to both shorten and lengthen the lead time. Our consultants will inform you of the possibly prolonged delivery time.
Updating stock information
Our Store has been equipped with a function which automatically updates information about the state of our commercial warehouse. Products which we have in stock at a given moment are marked with the information “Shipped in: 24 hours”. Other products are marked according to the state of ingredients available for making a given product and the time needed to make the product from available and/or ordered ingredients.
What should you remember?
The realisation of an order begins with its confirmation. Orders are confirmed immediately, in 80% of cases it is less than 2 working hours after placing the order (we work 8:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday). If we are unable to contact the customer regarding their order, this may prolong the delivery time.
The estimated shipping time for a given product is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
Couriers are employees of courier companies that cooperate with We do not have direct influence on the quality of couriers work, we can only complain about delays due to the fault of couriers in the way provided in the contract between us and the courier company.
Explanation of delivery times

  • 24 hours Goods in stock. Can be shipped in 24 hours.
  • 1-2 days Out of stock. We will produce it in 1-2 business days.
  • 2-4 days Out of stock. We will produce it in 2-4 working days.
  • 5-10 days Out of stock. We usually deliver within 10 days.
  • up to 14 days Out of stock in our warehouse. Delivery time is usually within 2 weeks.
  • Ask for availability. Out of stock. Can be made to order.
    Lead time depends on availability of product ingredients from suppliers and seasonality of some of our products, usually around 2 weeks.
  • Announcement New product. Price is not known yet and launch date is unconfirmed.
  • End of model (sold out) Out of stock. This product model is sold out. It is possible that there will not be another delivery.
    Note: Information about availability of goods (lead time) does not constitute an offer or an element of an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

Shipping abroad
When shipping goods abroad, the delivery date is determined by the carrier chosen by the Buyer. Delivery times are calculated from the time the finished order is picked up by the courier and/or from the time the order is posted at the point of delivery until the order is delivered to the Buyer and/or an advice note is delivered to the Buyer. It is possible that delivery and therefore the order may not be fulfilled due to national laws that prohibit the shipment of certain products. Information on products excluded from shipment is available on the website of the carrier chosen by the Buyer.