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Who of us does not love scented candles that fill the rooms in our homes with their fragrance and create this unique atmosphere. They wrap us with their warmth and bring back positive memories of the past. On store shelves we can find any, even the most unusual scent closed in a glass jar, but we should pay attention to choosing soy candles, which are definitely safer for our health.

Why is it worth using soy candles?

Until recently, no one informed consumers that traditional scented paraffin candles, available in every store, can have a detrimental effect on our health, especially on the respiratory tract. Fortunately, our level of knowledge is increasing. At this point, most of us are aware of the harmfulness of paraffin candles and are choosing natural soy candles, that are becoming more widely available. During their burning no harmful chemical compounds are produced that could settle in our lungs. The distinctiveness of the fragrance and its durability are as good as paraffin-based candles. If we take care of them properly, they can burn, and their fragrance can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

How should we burn natural soy candles?

Proper care of soy candles will allow us to maximize their lifespan. First of all, remember that a candle should not be placed next to a window or in a place where there may be a draft. We need to make sure that the candle burns evenly, and moving air do not help. The burning time is also very important, it should not be shorter than two hours and longer than four – this will prevent the formation of tunnels and extend the life of the candle. Trimming the wick before starting the burning process can also help.

Soy candles with a wooden wick

Natural soy candles are an eco-friendly option, which is why they are usually placed in glass. A cotton or wooden wick is embedded in the soy wax – in both cases the wick needs to be trimmed before lighting the candle. You can use ordinary scissors or a special trimmer that provides a precise cut. A wooden wick not only looks beautiful in a glass jar but also makes a distinctive sound when lit. The ear-pleasing sound of wood cracking, even in the comfort of your own home, will make you feel as if you were sitting in front of a fireplace in a mountain cabin. We can intensify this effect if we choose a candle with a pine aroma or a cinnamon scent, which reminds us of the smell of freshly baked cake.

Soy candles